Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Up and down

They say she is doing good but there was some recent activity  chest x ray an instant blood gas test.  They are trying to get the ventilator calibrated and get her at a good setting.  Nurses seems to think they moved oxygen settings too quick.  I have no idea but we'll see what happens.  An update is an update

We are waiting to see if we can get a aleep room on the cicu floor so we can be close tonight.  The kids flights all seemd to be on time and hopefully they'll settle in well tonight with there grandmother.


  1. Blood gases are always one of Zoe's pitfalls. The nurses in the CICU are great at finding the balance - even if it takes several hours. Be sure Olivia is alert enough to come of the vent; Zoe had to be reintubated because they moved to fast. Susan (pearls/lipstick) doses our kiddos up well, so it takes a good while before they "come to." Good luck in the sleep rooms. Caleb and I came up with some creative ways to both fit on a twin bed.

  2. Yes i agree with stacey... the quieter she is the better she can come too and it will be easier for her to come off the ventilator. Just remember...these babies are strong, and what may seem to be impossible will surprise us with a possible! Good luck olivia.... we are sending prayers from VA!

    ps.... Shawn(my husband) went to walmart and bought a coleman camping cot... and let me tell you...that has been a blessing!

  3. Been thinking of you and yours all night. I'll continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way. Robin


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