Thursday, November 10, 2011

Silent cries

I saw the worst thing so far today and I call it silent crying. When she is intubated and the pain medicine isnt cutting it she gets really agitated. Today she was getting so agitated her head was turning purple and her breathing stopped and her mouth is as wide as it can get. Just lile a healthy baby does when they are so mad holding there breath crying. In Olivias case she has a ventilator pushing so hard against her trying not to breathe it looks so horrible. Finally I got in there soothing talk rubbing her head singing quietly. I was able to calm her down for 30minutes and then it was finally time for a new pain med. It had me tearing up it is awful.
The reason we are going through this is because as amazing stacey lihn has said they like to rush extibation Dr. Spray wants all his norwood patients off the vent 1 day post op. He feels like it helps them get better quicker. Zoe, stacey lihn's daughter had to be reintubated and it is a likely option for olivia. If we are lucky the breathing she has been doing over the vent will pick up and she'll do awesome. This is why shes in pain, they have to wean her pain meds to the point she can breathe on her own.In 2 hours or so it might happen. I'm staying here in a sleep room tonight so we'll see and I'll update you guys.
Today and tomorrow are Olivia t-shirt days at nathan and delilah's school St. Clement. Over 200 kids probably will have their shirts on today. We cant thank everyone enough you help us make it through these tough days


  1. Brett, I am so grateful for your updates. Please know that I read every one and share them with all the folks at 1st UMC Elkin who are praying for Olivia and all of you. I may not understand all the medical intricacies, but I have friends who can interpret for me. I posted her christening video and have an entire community lifting her up to God every day! Love you all! Judy Deck

  2. So sorry to hear of the silent cries, we had a few prior to extubation as well. Zoe did great her second extubation (day 2) and I'm certain Olivia will as well. They gave Zoe "Dex" post-Hemi and it worked really well - antianxiety and does not affect respiration. Let me know if you have any questions. xoxo.

  3. So glad you can be there with her to comfort her. Know that we are all holding you in our hearts and prayers.

  4. Oh brought back some memories this morning. The silent cries are so hard to see. I am glad you were able to comfort her. I will be praying for a successful extubation.


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