Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nathan's 2nd Grade Class wants to help!

This is what his teacher sent out to all the parents in the 2nd grade, we are so touched by his teachers and his school. Here is the letter:

Second Grade Service Project-

Our very own Nathan Williams will be having a baby sister in November. The family has learned that she will be born with a defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Nathan’s mother will travel to Philadelphia to have Baby Olivia so specialists there can perform surgery on her when she is 3 days old. Without the surgery, Olivia would have no chance at life. She will have 2 additional surgeries by the age of 3 years. Our second grade class wants to help the Williams family throughout the year to provide some comfort during this difficult time. Soooo….

Friday, September 9 will be Olivia’s Heart Day at school! Second grade families will be needed for different responsibilities. Thank you in advance for opening your hearts to the Williams family J

Nathan is also concerned about his recent fame and that strangers will act like they know him now. So strangers you are warned Nathan's guard is never down and he is unfazed by his recent stardom! After all his public speaking career is just kicking off, and and his picture was on the local news 3 times! His first major public speaking engagement will be after church in front of the entire school next week. "Nathan are you nervous," asked Melanie to which he replied "Nope................ well maybe a little!"

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