Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just 10 weeks till Melanie relocates

Even though we still haven't decided between Philadelphia or Texas yet we will probably be relocating Melanie in 10 weeks. Philadelphia says they like to have the moms there from 36 weeks on. They induce at 40 weeks. Melanie is really starting to get upset about being away for so long. Possibly missing Thanksgiving (big holiday for her family) and Christmas. Olivia's going to be worth all of this, and more. A big concern for all HLHS parents is siblings with healthy hearts. This first year Olivia's always going to need special attention. Will Nathan and Delilah always hold these decisions against us? We could go to Children's here, but my gut just keeps telling me she needs the best, go to the best heart center.

On an HLHS group on facebook, several moms were recently discussing how their heart healthy children felt so forgotten, and overlooked after their HLHS bundle of joy arrived. Some woman had an older teenager who still holds it against them. Raising Olivia is going to be raising a child, but on steroids. Feeding tubes, reflux all the time, non stop doctors appointments and scans. Melanie will possibly be away from home for 2 months for just this first surgery. She will have visitors flying up, and I will bring the kids up a few times. I will probably switch out with her at some point. Then we do this all over again at 6 months. I think the brightest spot in Nathan's eyes will be flying up to Philly and playing in nonstop snow. I think I am a little excited too. Here's to hoping there is some good snowball fighting terrain near the hospital or wherever we are staying! I guess we are leaning more toward Philly.

Back to the fundraiser, ha ha ha. Eric Paulsen news anchor for WWL news has agreed to MC the event. We don't have any bands yet, but feelers are out with 20 bands probably. Worst case scenario Eric Paulsen does the news live from Generations Hall, ha ha ha. The Hot 8 Brass band of Treme and Jazz Fest fame are very interested and will get back to me Friday. I have my fingers crossed, they are an awesome brass band. So many people are coming out of the woodwork offering help, getting auction items, food and liquor donations. Our family has been amazing in helping, as has Jennifer Marrone, and Melanie's sisters. We are signing a contract with Generations Hall today possibly.

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