Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips to canvasing a neighborhood

While trying to get the word out today I have learned many things:

1. Don't canvas a neighborhood in flipflops: I thought it would be a quick trip up the street. I should have worn tennis shoes. There are alot of ant piles on one street.
2. Don't canvas at noon: Noon in Louisiana is way too hot to do anything outside, even if you dress accordingly.
3. Don't forget the water: I didn't think it would take that long, yet 45 minutes later for one street... I was desperate for water.
4. Don't do it alone: Hitting every house by yourself makes you look like you are potentially trying to break into houses.
5. Don't go down one side of the street at a time: I tried going down one side at a time, yet when I went to do the other side, people were coming out of there houses and giving me the stare down.

So now, I know what I need to in order to do it the right way. Next time, I may even bring the car.


  1. You crazy girl. You canvas in the middle of the night!

  2. My daily prayers are with Olivia and all of you. I can only imagine what a difficult time this is.
    I made a donation on the webpage, I wish I had a million, but what I do have I'll give to Olivia and that are daily prayers that God will make all well for her and give strength to her loving family.
    My prayers and love,


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