Thursday, August 25, 2011

Melanie is going to be famous

Tonight on the local news at 5PM Olivia's Heart will be the medical report done by Meg Farris on channel 4 (or 3). Meg interviewed us yesterday and to our surprise she is going to air our story tonight. We can't thank WWL enough for getting out the word about HLHS and sweet Olivia. Everyone in our New Orleans community has been so great to us, this is such a great city with wonderful people. Now more than ever I can say I truly love New Orleans!

St. Clement of Rome's 2nd grade class is making it their class project for the year to help our family and raise funds and HLHS awareness. The first thing they are doing is selling wristbands on September 9th, and the whole school can wear red shirts in support of Olivia. On September 7th Nathan, our 7 year old son, is going to speak in front of the entire school after church. He has already spoken to both 2nd grade classes and his public speaking career is growing from there!

For all the fundraiser planners out there, I have a new respect for you and how tough it is. We had another meeting last night with all our family and friends and everybody is ready to get things finalized and rolling. September 9th is going to be so much fun, bu I can't wait until September 10th, I plan on sleeping very late that day.

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