Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Doctor visit updates

So....we have seen two out of the four services we were referred to. The pulmonologist didn't have many answers and recommended oxygen to our cardiologist. Thankfully, our cardio doesn't agree with his recommendation. We also saw the ENT, who did a flexible scope in office and mentioned that the only thing that could be causing her loud breathing was an area of interest below her vocal cords. Unfortunately, the only way to get definite answers would be to put Olivia under general anesthesia which we don't really want to do.
   We see the dietician this coming Monday to discuss her weight. On the other hand, we are planning our Disney vacation for next week too. Olivia jumps and twirls and cheers everytime she hears the word Mickey. So, it should be fun. We are also working on potty training. It is hard to believe we can reach these milestones and celebrate such wonderful family events sometimes. We never take a day for granted and are so blessed to share it all with you.