Monday, August 19, 2013

Post op day 4 ... Frustration

The day started off with pulling the chest tube. Yeah!!! Then at rounds they said that there isnt a real need to keep her there if we could increase her fluids she drinks and get all meds to be taken by mouth. Well all you have to say is the discharge word to us and we are all about it. Unfortunately, Olivia doesnt quite understand the motivation we have.
After getting some anti-nausea medicine, Olivia spent the day eating and drinking way better than she did yesterday. Then it all slowed down. Along came dinner and she fought everything. We tried bargaining. No go. We tried being mean. It didn't phase her. She finally decided to get with the program until night time med time. She needed some potassium supplements because of the lasix, but it tastes horrid. We tried mixing it with crush orange drink. She vomited everywhere. After trying two different meds with the same result... We gave up and put her to sleep. If only she understood that taking the small steps led to huge jumps in the end... It would be so much easier.

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