Friday, August 16, 2013

Postop day 1

Last night was rough. Brett and I took turns so that one of us could stay by her side. Olivia would wake up every so often whining and would get morphine and fall off to sleep. We were excited about today because we knew there would be progress.

Progress so far...
- nasal cannula off
- milirnone off
- dex (also known as sedative) off
- chest tube lessening overnight

This morning the surgery pa came to remove her fontan line that went straight to her heart. After she pulled it, there was no external bleeding. The pa stripped her chest tube and bright red blood came dumping out. She put out 150 cc in minutes. The attending and fellow who are caring for her, came to see what was happening and she freaked out with all the facea. Her sats dropped and she was fighting them giving her albumin.

She is now resting after drinking more juice and she did have a few bites of yogurt after sitting up.

The goal for today is to get moving.

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