Friday, August 16, 2013

Just sleeping

Still just resting. Maybe we are past the morphine we have started oxycodon with a Tylenol suppository. Hopefully she'll get more energy. Problem is she's just not motivated. She's not drinking much or eating. She usually tears up juice Popsicles and goldfish but she's just not into it. With little intake she isn't peeing.. They've given last but 30 minutes later still no pee. First threat now is putting Foley, urine catheter, back in. Then it's fluid later tonight. We came into this hoping to be aggressive with recovery to avoid a lot of fluid issues and extra chest tubes or lung problems. Problem is she is dictating things now so tomorrow will be the day we really start pushing her a lot more. If she doesn't get going tomorrow this will be an long recovery. Good news is the arterial line might be coming out if her labs come back good. So we need herb to wake up drink crazy amounts of juice, eat some more yogurt and sitting up blowing bubbles or playing her harmonica. That's my goals for today/tonight. Walking will hopefully be tomorrow.

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