Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Post op day 6

     Last night, sweet girl was tossing and turning with nightmares. She finally did settle out and at 0130 woke up begging for juice.
     This morning, she woke up and was ready to eat, drink, and get outta here. She has downed half a sprite, juice pouch, and half a can of pringles. Her labs look much better this am, but her chest x ray doesnt look terribly better. We got the green light for discharge with a follow-up appt on tuesday here with her cardiologist. If her xray and echo look good tuesday then Livi and I will be heading home too. Unfortunately, daddy returns home this Sunday without us, but we know we will be home soon. I included some pictures from the diva lady from this morning.

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  1. What a ham!!! So glad you all are discharged. I know that makes everyone happy. Now lets get thru the Friday and Tuesday visit and daddy leaving on Sunday and ya'll are home free. Love you all. Glad I can make her laugh with my silly "My, my Olivia" song. Our prayers have been answered and she is well on her way to a speedy recovery. Love, Nana


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