Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moved to step down CCU

She's been doing good. A few wretching and one minor throwing up episode. She's walked twice today and cries, but she is walking. She needed a little motivation because she wasn't eating much so the threat of an ng tube was looming in a day or two. She called her nana, emmy pops and Nathan and delilah who all gave her encouragement to finally eat some apple slices. She ate about 5 slices. Then she got happy and started making apple slice smiles holding it against her lips. She's always trying to be the character.

Eat to go home
Drink to go home
Walk to go home

Are the phrases. I'm reasoning with a 2 year old and maybe she's following. She did start eating. She was fussy and sleepy early today but had fun blowing bubbles and a popping them. It's a happy day.

If she eats drinks and poops, and her drain continues the downward trend she might get her chest tube pulled tomorrow. Then all she will have left is an IV

There was a story from yesterday I wanted to lock away on the blog for olivia. Melanie and I have switched rolls. I'm the drill sergeant and Melanie is the reprieve. A nice drill sergeant. I'm pushing her to eat and drink. One time I lo was like you have to sit up. She whined and wanted to lay down. I said to her drink and lay down or you have to sit up. We fought for a little while and the nurse was right there. I gave in after she got a little more upset still refusing to eat /drink. She lays down and looks at me and said "bad boy," the nurse couldn't stop laughing it was pretty funny.

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