Sunday, August 4, 2013

This is commander Nathan speaking and if your wondering my parents are giving me permission to do this.

What Olivia means to me.
Olivia means alot to me. First off I love her. Second off she makes me happy. Next off my  sister will never give up. That motivates me to work hard in everything I do and do the best I can.
I can't get her to shush, she's always making noise but I get over it. She really is a daredevil.
I wish I could be her all daredevil and fun. But then she used to make me worried alot. I never worry anymore because I know she'll always be ready to take on anything. She is the most funny,cute,and persuasive baby I know. Most of all I love her.


  1. Nathan such beautiful feelings expressed for your sister. I know you feel that way also for Delilah. You are such a great big brother and an exceptional person. You are a big brother they can look up to for guidance and love. You are right about Olivia achieving what she starts out doing and that she is a little daredevil. She wants to swim so bad by herself with not lessons; she has no fear. We will be praying that this special spirit she has follows through her surgery. You are right nothing to be worried about she is ready to take on anything and everything. It also helps that she is just so darn cute. Love you.
    Signing off Commander Nathan

    SubCommander - Nana --Out---

  2. This is very beautiful the way you feel about your sister. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Nathan,

    What an adorable letter you wrote to your little sister. You can save these comments and show them to her when she gets bigger so she will understand what they mean. She will be so proud of her big brother for writing those sweet words about her.

    She is so blessed to have a brother as loving and thoughtful as you.

  4. Wow, Nathan! You're certainly an amazing big brother and Olivia is so blessed to have you. You're wise beyond your years and all of us adults could really learn a lot from you, especially how to love unconditionally. Take care, precious. Keeping you, Olivia and your family in my prayers. - Ms. Jeannie

  5. Nathan, Pops and I are so proud of the wonderful brother you are to your sisters. We love you, Emmie

  6. Hey Nathan,

    Olivia is very lucky to have a wonderful BIG brother like you who cares for her and protects her always. Keep making beautiful memories with your sisters and parents and take lots of pictures so you all can look back and remember these special days. One day when you get to be old like uncle Henry, you will be able to look back and remember all the fun times you had with you family.


    Remember to smile for all the pictures and have lots of fun with your mommy, daddy, Nathan and Delilah. They love you and are very proud of you. Oh yeah, I know one other person who loves you with BIG HUGGS and KISSES,...............Nanna.
    Tell daddy to bring you to visit uncle Henry whenever you want.

    Hugge and kisses :)


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