Friday, August 2, 2013

So much to do so little time...

   Wow... 13 days and counting until the Fontan. We have so much to do and don't really want to do any of it. We have bags to pack, bills to pay, school supplies to organize, and groceries to buy. Most importantly, we have to make the best of these 13 days. Little livi doesn't even have a clue what is coming and in a way, that in itself, is a blessing. Just telling Nathan and Delilah that she is having surgery and that there are no guarantees was the hardest conversation. Seeing the innocence drip from their eyes and worry replace it, was a heartbreaking necessity, but not something you ever want to see as a parent. We have started to bring in fun new "games" like listen to the boom boom with mommy's stethoscope and at the count of three we all freeze, throw our arms up in the air, and scream "X-RAY".
   We have received wonderful packages in the mail that will make the journey a little more fun and can't thank everyone enough. We have also received a hospital gown for Livi from Gracie's gowns. It is Minnie Mouse... A favorite of Olivias.
    We will also be following some of our fellow heart friends that will be having their Fontans this week and next. We know the support we have from all of our friends and family will also be supporting them as well.
   We will be posting some family pictures soon for all to enjoy.


  1. Hi Princess! Hugs and Kisses from a friend of Nana's. I hear all about you from her. Keep up the great work sweetie!

  2. I love the X-ray game. That gown is really cute and it has her name on it. She will love it once she feels better. Waiting for the posted pictures. Praying for our heart Warrior Princes. Love you guys.


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