Saturday, August 17, 2013

Night shift relief

The schedule has currently been that Brett and I are rotating shifts so that someone is here with her at all times. It is hard to think of leaving her all alone because she is very aware of when we aren't there. I have taken on the night shifts and Brett does the days. In a way... I get to be to be the one who comes in and saves the day. Daddy had very high hopes that little Livi would be in an out in a heartbeat. He wants her up, moving, and eating and drinking more so than she is really interested in right now. I am the more... okay well lets take a nap and then maybe drink some juice later type.We have been balancing each other well I guess. A big step today was getting her dressed in her princess pj's and out of the hospital garb... hoping to help her feel more like normal. She took another nap before calling it a night. The night nurse was a little reluctant at first because she has Olivia and one other baby, but papa bear insisted she find someone to watch the other baby so Livi could walk. It was a very brisk walk up and down the halls because Olivia wanted to be done and get back in bed. The nurse was actually kinda surprised at her pace. We will post more in the am... for now good night.

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