Saturday, August 17, 2013

Walking walking

She just walked some more. Twice as far as before. She's kind of out of it glazed eyes and no will to grab things or do much with her hands. Definitely not the little girl everybody knows.

She's all about juice out of a adult cup with a straw. Juice has become sprite but at least she is drinking. Not eating much still little bit of a banana. She tore up 1 or 2 smarties. Maybe she'll do a popsicle later. Things are looking better. It just takes time.

One other thing her sats are coming up. After some walking and activity they are 84 room air. They were 78 to 80. She's still draining especially since she's been walking. All the activity is freeing up any last fluid. Tomorrow's xray will be a big indicator of how we'll proceed.

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