Thursday, August 15, 2013

Olivia is recovering well

She's doing as good as can be expected. Her sats are riding 88 to 93. Blood pressures have been slowly going up and her heart rate is slowing. She drinking juice like it's going out of style. We are trying to pace her to keep her inputs and outputs equal. The drainage is slowing down. All things are pointing to a great day tomorrow of eating weaning oxygen pulling some tubes out and decreasing meds. So look out for olivia tomorrow.

There are several monsters lurking under the bed that could hold her back but hopefully they don't make an appearance. She could have fluid building up or another bout of chylothorax. We are hoping for steps forward but every hospital stay seems to include a few steps back before we run out the door like a champ.

Congenital heart defects suck so I figured everyone should see what it looks like. She's fighting hard but it's crazy what she has to go through to get there.

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