Friday, August 23, 2013

Chest xray and blood work

It's been a very nervous day. Today we felt would decide if we got readmitted or not. We finished at chop at 10:30. We just got the call from Dr. Natarajan that the plueral effusion is not any better but it is also not any worse. The good news is her potassium is up at a good level, so we'll keep forcing the dose on her after she falls asleep. She fights like hell but she needs it with all the diuretics. All of her electrolytes are good.

Melanie thinks that Tuesday if it isn't any better olivia would have bought herself another week in philly or worse a hospital admittance. Tuesday will really tell the story on if it is getting better because an echo cardiogram is more detailed. Sometimes x-rays don't allow you to really see what is going on.

Really wish it had been a little better so we knew we were moving in the right direction. Oh well. Next big day is Tuesday. Hopefully it starts getting smaller. In the meantime we are going to run her and have her play to really work those lungs. Supposedly activity helps effusions.

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