Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making strides

This morning she was having some issues with throwing up and wrenching. We've switched around her pain meds to help with itching.

They are trying miralax and glycerine suppositories to get her pooping. Around 9 today she had a gassy poop, but a poop nonetheless. Hopefully the next one will have more content and less gas. She is drinking a little more but still refusing most juice and food. We were able to get 4oz of juice in so far today. She also ate a few bites of an apple slice and a little bit of applesauce. Overall things are happening.

We got her up and put her flashy shoes that light up and she walked to the bridge area about 20 yards. She cried the whole way and looked pitiful but she made it. Our friend from Alabama, Lydia dansby was riding by in a wagon ride and they stopped and looked at each other for awhile. Then she sat in in a wagon and rode around for awhile. It's some great steps we are making. Pooped, peed, walked, sat up. Now we just need to repeat a few times to get discharged. We are still waiting to get rounded on they are going slow

She was definitely tired but the wagon ride was nice and quiet. She's ready to get moving more hopefully. Maybe CCU, step down and the chest tube can come out tomorrow.

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