Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ho hum

    Today we had a great morning. We decided that since daddy was flying home, we would have some fun first. We went to Atlantic City. We walked the Boardwalk, rode the carousel and ate lunch. We had to call it a day early because Daddy had a flight to catch. So ho hum.... Our day ended with dropping him off at the airport and heading back to the rmh. We are now doing laundry and going to bed early. Maybe we will find an outlet mall tomorrow and have some retail therapy now that daddy is gone and Olivia needs to walk to move the fluid and expand her lungs.
   Update on olivia's healing. Each day we struggle to get her to eat and drink enough. She is on alot of meds to get the fluid from her lungs and we think these are also causing her to have diarrhea and alot of it. She is also having some oozing from her chest tube site where she still has stitches when she cries or is really active. We see the doctor tuesday morning for an echo, xray, labs, and ekg. I am hoping for the all clear but doubt plagues me.

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  1. Hi just reading your blog and my daughter Kaylee had her fontan the exact same day Olivia did! We are also in the same situation as you with the effusion! As I am reading thru your blog you stories are so very similar that I have to smile and gives me peace to know that another family is going thru the exact same thing we are! I will be thinking of you the days ahead and hope you get to go home soon!


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