Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After much debate about diaper rash

While in preop, they go through all of the routine questions. One of those is does she have any rashes or infections.? Since swimming two weeks ago, Olivia has had a diaper rash we couldn't get rid of. We have tried everything except medicine for yeast. Well today, we wished we had. The PA and nurse practitioner both said it was from yeast. Because of the locale, there was a debate about whether or not Dr. Spray would be okay doing the surgery and putting her at risk for it to spread to her chest incision. After much thought and a few pictures of her bottom on a pass phone, we got the green light for tomorrow. We have to head to CvS to get pedialyte, lot risen, and desitin.
We have to report to CHOP for 5:30am for her MRI and surgery. Another long day in our future.

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  1. Organic coconut oil works great for rushes & its all natural. My heart kiddos rash is literally gone in hours after using it. Look it up! :). Good luck & fast healing for your sweet girl. <3


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