Monday, December 16, 2013

Counting down to Christmas

    As we quickly approach Christmas day, we are reminded how blessed we are with our beautiful Olivia.  She has truly blossomed into a beautiful rose.  She has found her personality and it is so adorable to watch her pick on her siblings,  try to get people to laugh,  and trick people into giving her what she wants.  Her smile is so sweet, you can't help but melt when she looks your way. She never let's anything get in her way.  She recently went head first down a flight of stairs and it didn't phase her at all. She is so excited with all of the upcoming activities that come along with Christmas that it renews the hope and joy that this season represents.  I hope to include some pictures of Olivia with Santa and our gingerbread houses. 
We wish everyone a happy holiday season and a happy new year!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sleep study

My sweet baby girl is undergoing her first sleep study.  She has been so good about letting them hook her up and put all the probes on her.  She only whined once and that was for the nasal cannual part.  She amazes me with her strength and patience everyday. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Look WHOOOO's Two!

Olivia's 2nd birthday was a huge milestone that we celebrated with a family bash at  the house. She had a great time, but was worn out by the time the day ended.

She refused to smile for any pictures.. But happy birthday baby girl!

Spooky Halloween 2013

We dressed up and went out early to avoid the rain. It was a true hit and led Olivia to want to Trick or Treat everywhere we went.
Carving pumpkins is soooo much fun!

The gangs all here

Tired from a long night

Adventures from Disney

Sorry, this has taken so long for us to post. We have been living life and having FUN!!!! Olivia loved seeing some characters, but was scared by others. She enjoyed spending time with her brother and sister and making memories to last a lifetime.

Oh no!!! Who is that monster??

Dancing in the streets to the music.

So happy from Disney 2013!

She loved the Princesses!

Always the queen of fashion. :)

We had a blast as you can see and we were so glad we had the opportunity to make memories!