Monday, December 16, 2013

Counting down to Christmas

    As we quickly approach Christmas day, we are reminded how blessed we are with our beautiful Olivia.  She has truly blossomed into a beautiful rose.  She has found her personality and it is so adorable to watch her pick on her siblings,  try to get people to laugh,  and trick people into giving her what she wants.  Her smile is so sweet, you can't help but melt when she looks your way. She never let's anything get in her way.  She recently went head first down a flight of stairs and it didn't phase her at all. She is so excited with all of the upcoming activities that come along with Christmas that it renews the hope and joy that this season represents.  I hope to include some pictures of Olivia with Santa and our gingerbread houses. 
We wish everyone a happy holiday season and a happy new year!

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  1. I accidently found your site while looking for something else online. Your story is very inspiring. I had two children born with a rare type of meningitis and we almost lost them. By the grace of god they have limited long term effects. Olivia is in my prayers. May you all continue to be blessed. Thank you for sharing your story . Amy


Olivia loves to hear her mommy/daddy read your comments!