Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer :)

   Even though it can be so hot during the summer, we love to get out there and enjoy time together.
    Olivia is getting ready for big girl school and we have her uniforms and supplies all ready. She has been looking forward to this for so long. She is in a size 5-6 and is growing like a weed. She loves bossing her brother and sister around and loves to swim.
   We have postponed our trip to CHOP until spring because she is doing so well and her doctors don't see the need to mess with what is working well.

Special place in our hearts

     We will be forever grateful to the wonderful Marrone family. Because of them and their beautiful angel Mia, we were able to have someone to talk to in order to get us through the roughest times of my pregnancy and Olivia's diagnosis. It was their unselfish giving of themselves and the story of beautiful Mia that inspired us to be Olivia's biggest advocates. We will be forever in debt to this family for their kindness and generosity. 

In honor of Mia Grace Marrone... a beautiful angel.