Tuesday, August 16, 2011

St. Clement of Rome Men's Club

I can't thank my fellow brothers of the St. Clement of Rome men's club enough. The men's club decided at their last executive meeting to have the night be in Olivia's honor. The 50/50 was for her, and they let Mark Plaideau introduce me, and then I talked about HLHS, her surgeries, the fundraiser. I also mentioned selfishly how it sucked that all this is happening and I was offered a head coaching position for my son's 7-8y/o football team. I love coaching Nathan's sports and I guess I was just selfishly disappointed I might not be able to do it. We will see though. I don't know if it came off bad or not, but everybody at the men's club was so supportive of Olivia. The guy who won the 50/50 turned around and bought 4 tickets with his winnings to the fundraiser. I think i'm saving my man tears for when Olivia gets here and when I auction off my Saints season tickets, but I was getting a little teary talking in front of these guys tonight. I held it together though, the beer helped. St. Clement is amazing and I can't thank the men's club enough. Tonight we raised $280, and one dad came up and said he'd donate $1000. I don't think i've ever said Thank You more times in my life than I have these past few weeks and over the next few months. Thank you for caring, thank you for saving Olivia's life, thank you for being there for us, thank you thank you thank you, and thanks for reading!

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  1. You're welcome, my brother. We're all here for you. Keep up the good fight. - Mark


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