Friday, November 4, 2011

Melanie's bad luck

It always seems like we are in the clear and then poor Melanie has something crazy happen to her. Olivia came out fine and Melanie was doing great. Then all of a sudden she was in excruciating pain. Even enough Morphine to kill a horse wasn't touching the pain. Melanie was rushed to surgery at HUP. This was definitely not a part of the plan.

4 years ago Melanie was walking around with a ruptured appendix for a week. It was misdiagnosed, otherwise she would have gotten it taken care of earlier. We had no idea what was wrong with Melanie at that time and when we found out about the appendix it was so bad. After an exploratory surgery Melanie spent over a month in the hospital and another month in bed at home. It was a horrible experience. This is relevant because the surgery was so invasive that there are adhesions and scar tissue all inside Melanie's abdomen.

The HUP doctors originally thought something was wrong with her ovaries but it turned out to be a problem with one of her adhesions that all of a sudden was being pulled real tight inside her body causing excruciating pain. A wonderful doctor was able to do the surgery with a scope and cleaned up a lot of Melanie's adhesions. Now it is just a matter of recovery for Mel.

The plan was deliver Olivia, and have surgery on Olivia. I didn't come here emotionally ready for two surgeries but it is all over now. Hopefully Melanie recovers fully and gets out of the hospital soon.

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