Sunday, November 20, 2011

A busy Monday planned

Tomorrow is looking like it is going to be a busy day. At 6am, Olivia will have pre-cath lab work drawn to check her electrolytes, blood count, clotting factors and parathyroid hormone. She will then go to her post-op mri at 9:30am where anes will intubate her again and give her anes to prepare her for her cath and to keep her still so they can get the images they need to from the mri. Then at 10:30am, she will be off to her cath to take some images and pressures they will need to know about prior to her next surgery. Depending on how she handles the anes will depend on if she recovers in the cicu or the cpru. They like to extubate shortly after but it will depend on how quickly she wakes up. The whole time we have been preparing for this cath and we know in reality it is a very minor procedure in comparison to her surgery, but I can't help but feel the same panicked feeling I did the morning of her surgery. The thought of intubation, anes, extubation and recovery all over again makes me cringe. I sure hope all goes well.

Olivia, Brett and I would all like to wish Tyler a wonderful 1st birthday party today. We unfortunately are missing out on all the fun, but we know it will be a huge success. It is hard to believe that just 1 year ago yesterday, I was staying up all night anxiously awaiting his arrival. As his aunt and godmother, I feel like I am missing a huge milestone. I do look forward to attending every other party though and I can't wait to see all the pictures.

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