Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my sweet angels are on their way home

So today after spending some much needed time together, my family flew home. It is always so difficult to watch them go. What made it worse was when I got back to the hospital, the doctor mentioned staying up here until her next surgery. The financial burden hit me and all I could think about was missing yet another holiday. Flying them all here adds up after a while. I just wish this whole nightmare would end soon. My family and I need to return to our lives where holidays are a reason to celebrate and not cringe.


  1. I hope Olivia is feeling better. I pray y'all will be home for Christmas.

  2. Great pictures of Nathan and Delilah with Olivia; they are so cute together. Our prayers are with you for a quick recovery and home for the holidays.

  3. My heart is breaking for you as I read that you may have to stay until the Glenn. I will say extra prayers that you all are home by Christmas and able to enjoy the holidays as a family in your own home.

  4. We are still a ways out from Christmas. Take one day at a time.


  5. Wonderful time in Philly meeting my newest granddaughter. She is so sweet and it felt good to be able to hold her. It was a great trip except for her going back into the hospital. Thank goodness she was still in Philly and able to go to CHOP for this care.
    It was very hard leaving Olivia and Mel for Brett and the children. I think we all were crying at some point leaving the hospital then leaving Melanie at the airport. Nathan was so sweet consoling Delilah. We are praying for good results from the lovenox and maybe Olivia and Mel being home for Christmas. But if they have to stay until the next surgery they are where they are suppose to be in case any other complications should show up before the surgery. I know how hard that is for Melanie, Brett Nathan and Delilah. Hopefully the doctors will have a revelation and figure out what is going on and it clears up quickly. With prayer all things are possible. Love the way they give each other strength even Nathan and Delilah. I loved my time with Brett and his little family.

    The Ronald McDonald House is a fantastic place. It is so family friendly. The organizations that come and bring food and do other things around the house is amazing. They always have a dinner and on weekends some group comes and fixes breakfast also. Thanksgivng day was fantastic. I know we all missed our traditions at Thanksgiving but to see so many people volunteering their time to make our holiday special was greatly appreciated. I also met lots of new friends there and will never forget my time in Philly.



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