Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tough night but chest tube drain out

I blame everything that happened last night on the fact that they moved her bed to a different pod in the middle of the night.  She was doing so amazing and once they moved her she got so upset and was under a lot of stress.  Everyone says it is just a coincidence but I think not. 

The update without my opinion:  The move went smoothly at 11pm.  At 11:15pm she started to exhibit greater and longer arrhythmia episodes.  They called it ectopic something EAT was the acronymn.  9 people swarmed the area and stayed for.a long time.  They were worried about her low stats, blood pressures were very low and arrythmia episodes continued until 2am.  They had to suction her breathing tube almost every 4 minutes to get her to come out of it.  The digoxin didnt immediately help so they gave her a.beta blocker called esmalol.  That helped and so I hit the sack on the springy 4inch thick sleep room mattress.

At 6:30am I woke up and found a crowd in awe.of Olivias beauty.  It turned out the esmalol brought her blood pressures too low so they took her off.  She was on 40% oxygen when I went to bed and this morning.she is on.70% oxygen and they started her on nictric oxide in addition to the oxygen.

Im sure what I saw had nothing to do with the changing out of the bed around.6am and all the stress involved with that.  The bed broke during the move.

Basically the nurse told her relief that everything that could have.happened.did.  She was pretty tired she went nonstop all night.  The attending physician joked with his relief by happily pretending to throw his on call phone at her.  It was a rough night for everyone and with her stable now everything is all good.  I am grateful for how on top of olivias care everyone is and while the next day will be tough everyone is working real hard for olivia.

On a positive note she had her chest tube drain pulled and her xray looked a lot better.

Today: they will try to get her blood pressures up and get the fluid out of her lungs and hopefully keep her lungs from collapsing.  Hence the use of nitrous.  Hopefully she reaches the goals her docs have for her today. 


  1. Don't be discouraged about the 02 and nitric, the same thing happened with Fi. She ended up needing to go onto Sildenafil because they couldn't wean her, but it really helped her recover from high lung pressures and a collapsed lung. Hope it's smooth sailing from here on out. I know it's hard, but try to get as much rest as you can while she's still sedated, she'll need a well rested mommy and daddy when she's ready to wake up. <3 hugs and prayers

  2. Zoe needed Nitric too post Norwood - and had a collapsed lung. There are so many things that will bother you - being on edge and watching everything that happens is good. Make sure your concerns are voiced if need be - ask to speak with the nursing supervisor if you have issues with a particular nurse. Hang in there and thanks for the continual updates! (((Hugs)))



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