Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Olivia is here. 7lbs 2oz and she looks just like a nathan/delilah

After the last check they came in and said time to push. Melanie pushed, and pushed and pushed at least 5 rounds. We finally got her out and she spilled out after her head popped out. They cleaned her up and Melanie and I got to hold little Olivia for several minutes. The kids even got a chance to see her before they too her away. She was crying like a champ and was finally whisked away to neonatology and then on to CHOP. We will meet up with her again a little later.

We'll post more later tonight. Melanie is looking great and in good spirits. Now it is time for Olivia to begin her fight.



    Great job mom and dad...she is beautiful. I know you will be heading to CHOP as soon as possible. Many prayers on their way for your little girl.

  2. Congratulations! Lots of people praying and sending positive energy your way. It's a great sign that you were able to hold her after birth; glad you got lots of pictures. Hang in there mom and dad!

  3. Congrats Melanie, Brett, Nathan, and Delilah!!! Rooting for baby Olivia and all of you.

    The Plaideau Family

  4. Congratulations! I remember that day with my son Michael...but i wasn't able to hold him. you are very fortunate! She does have a fight ahead of her,but it is worth every minute of it! They are such special babies! I'm praying for her! GO OLIVIA!!!!!!!!

    Krista Prevette


Olivia loves to hear her mommy/daddy read your comments!