Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Olivia is heading to anethesia

We woke up at 4:30 this morning to get to CHOP bright and early to spend as much time as possible cuddling and kissing on our littlest princess. A few minutes ago Melanie and I had to give our last kisses and the surgeons anesthesiologist with her "hot pink lipstick" (melanie mentioned) took her off on a huge stretcher. She was so little on it and didn't cry. I bet she is crying her eyes out right now but she'll be under general anesthesia soon.

After that she will have an MRI research study done on her for an hour.
8am we will go meet with the surgeon Dr. Spray
And then shortly after he will start the surgery
Then we'll just wait and wait and wait. We will supposedly get updates every 45 minutes to an hour. If you want the latest update they will be here for everyone to read.

Apparantly several thousand people are praying and hoping for Olivia's safe surgery. We have been told our surgeon, Dr. Spray's, morbidity rate for this surgery is higher than 95%. This is why we came to CHOP. I am fully expecting Olivia to do great during the surgery. After the surgery is when the real fight will begin. The first week is very critical and everyone needs to pray and think positive thoughts towards a closed chest, little to no bloody drainage, breathing on her own, no too much pain, Oxygenation in the very high 70's, and sucking down her mommy's bottled milk by tomorrow with no problems and little reflux. All of these things will equal a quick recovery and Olivia getting home in early December.

Thank you everyone for everything as we have journeyed on this long path. With your strength we are able to stomach the in depth open heart surgery our little Olivia will go through. In just a an hour and a half Olivia's little walnut heart will be fileted, stitched, "frankensteined", and contorted into a miracle that will allow her to live.

Stay tuned

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  1. There are tons of us praying in Ohio for Olivia and the medical team. Many of us have been through the waiting and the days that follow and will pray for an easy recovery. Olivia is in great hands.


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