Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pictures from our visit today part 1

So far there is no real plan of action. Olivia is such a cutie pie and it is nerve wracking not knowing when her surgery will be. A nurse practioner suggested it might be tomorrow or before the end of the week. Melanie and I spent 8:30 to 12:30pm today sitting around with Olivia waiting for the doctors to do their rounds on her. Even though some crazy stuff was happening around us and they never got around to rounding on Olivia we enjoyed some great time rubbing our cute littlest princess.

We signed up for 2 research studies so far for Olivia. A genetics study on congenital heart defect (CHD's) project and a study on environmental factors creating CHD's. Olivia is the 8th patient on the environmental study. It is important to us that Olivia's CHD can help other babies in the future. The researchers approach you as you are sitting there and try to recruit you for their studies. It is exciting that so much research is going on for this.

Our cardiologist just completed a textbook on HLHS. So you can actually say Olivia's Doctor wrote the textbook on it. CHOP Is very impressive and we feel like Olivia is going to do amazing with the excellent level of care she is going to receive.

Thanks for reading and praying for Olivia. She is going to need it and she is going to amaze all of us.

I can't post enough pictures of this beautiful little girl. I'm going to try and post a picture of all 3 of the kids as babies. I think they all look so much alike. We will see.


  1. Olivia is soooo beautiful and Melanie looks great. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Prayers are continuing from the South :)

  2. She is absolutely beautiful. I am so glad you are willing to be included in the research studies...they are amazing and will help so much in the future. We have Hope in all the ones that are available in our area too. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Wow, Olivia looks great and is obviously holding her own with no oxygen or intervention needed. We got the surprise "Zoe will have surgery this morning" speech, so be prepared for a spur of the moment "Spray is ready" surprise.

    Hey, we have the textbook (Rychik/Wernovsky) at home - we had to buy one for ourselves :)

    Thanks for the pictures and updates!

  4. Ann Tumblin (friend of Grandma Michele) sends her prayers from North Carolina that all will go well. Olivia is beautiful and so fortunate to be born into a loving family.

  5. She's gorgeous and looks so good. She's getting to take a bottle?...that's awesome! Sending big <3 hugs and prayers.

  6. Brett & Melanie she is so beautiful!!!!!!! So happy she is here!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  7. shes beautiful guys!!!!!! thoughts and prayers !!!
    love you!

  8. i seen the link for your page on cameron mogg page, your baby girl is beautiful and said a little prayer for her. i wish yall the best!


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