Monday, November 28, 2011

back in the hospital

We thought everything was on schedule but yesterday she slept most of the day and a few times she was eating less than normal. Then today she looked more blue, with raccoon eyes according to Melanie.  Her oxygen sat's were also in the low 70s upper 60s.  First they thought she might be getting sick but now they think she is losing the  iron in her blood from the transfusions after surgery.  She is getting anemic and supposedly a transfusion will get her back on track.  They still haven't reviewed the echo but said preliminarily things look good with her heart.  We will see what happens.  Hopefully anemia is all it is and she gets to go home again.

I was really looking forward to our first saints game together  cuddling on the couch at the Ronald McDonald  house before I head back to New Orleans tomorrow.  Instead Melanie is going to take the kids to the movies and spend a little bit of time with them before they leave and I'm going to stay with my little girl in the hospital for my last night here.  It is painful that this will be our last moment together before she comes home in the middle of December.  Olivia and I will make the best of our last day feeding, changing and loving on her before I leave at 2pm tomorrow.  I wish I could stay and cancel the flight but the kids really need one of us back at home with them. 

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry. I know all too well how frustrating the in and out of the hospital dance is. Bodie spent more time "in" the hospital than "out" before his Glenn - but has only spent one night "in" since then (almost 15 months now!), so there is HOPE. It won't be this way forever. Hang in there. Heart hugs and love.

  2. So sorry to hear she is back in the hospital. It is always such a roller coaster at this stage. You will all be together soon! <3

  3. I know how hard it has to be...thankfully you are still near the hospital. I will be praying for Olivia and your whole family.

  4. Blech! Poor Olivia, Mom and Dad. Hoping they get her back to discharge status real soon. If she has a fever at all (or perhaps even if not) ask them to take a urine culture. Zoe's sats dropped and she looked quite blue/dusky with her UTI interstage. A 10 day antibiotic therapy worked great. Please keep us posted. (((Hugs)))

  5. praying fo u OLIVIA!

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