Sunday, November 6, 2011

Melanie is discharged and olivia's first bad thing

We are all very excited to announce Melanie is back in the Ronald McDonald house with us. She was discharged from HUP today!!!

Melanie is pumping out lots of milk and Olivia is tearing it up. She is almost to 2 oz each feeding. I am hoping all this eating will hep make recovery even faster from the surgery. She isn't gaining weight however. It takes a lot of food to maintain that cute baby figure.

First bit of bad news for this perfect little girl is that she is getting close to her surgery. The IV through her belly button that is fed through to close to her heart has been delivering a medicine called prostoglandins that keep her heart from closing up and functioning until her surgery. A side effect is that fluid starts to build up in the lungs causing her breathing rate to skyrocket from the normal 60 breaths a minute to 110. We saw her breathing crazy fast tonight and they informed us she just needs a few doses of lasix. It is a diuretic and gets the fluid out. It works too, after we left they gave it to her and heart breathing was back down to 60. Just a little blip, but it happened and it is on the blog, ha ha ha =).

The kids get so sweet when they see their baby sister. Both of them melt when they see her and all their attitude, badness, and talking back just stops and they are 100% enamored with their little sister. They are good kids, despite a few frustrations with them today ha ha. I really like this picture because I told them both to look up and smile and Nathan just couldn't look away he loves his littlest sis so much.

If you are interested in what Nathan and Delilah are doing: Nathan has found a friend in the Ronald McDonald house who keeps trading Pokemon with him on their Nintendo DS'. The kid keeps giving Nathan really good Pokemon, a lot of one-sided trades in Nathans favor so I hear. Delilah has met 2 or 3 friends who she runs around with and is loving hanging out after dinner with them all. We took them to Independence Park yesterday but it is too crowded on weekends, and there are lines to get into lines and we gave up and just took a horse carriage ride. Delilah and Nathan both got turns driving. Delilah is refusing to eat almost everything except for chicken nuggets, too bad we don't have her requested food every night. She will adapt eventually. They both missed there mommy very much and are happy to have her back with them.

Tonight is the first night we are all in one room. I'm sleeping with my Dad and Melanie is sleeping with her Mom and the kids are sleeping together in the twin bed. My dad is snoring as loud as I do, so we'll see if we can drive the ladies crazy tonight.

Tomorrow we'll be with Olivia for a long time i'll try to post a video or two tomorrow. I'll try to tell you guys about the Ronald McDonald house tomorrow. After that it's going to be all medical and gruesome pictures of our sweet angel healing and getting better.


  1. Everyone is together...what a wonderful (and crowded) time for you. matter what an amazing place. So glad the kids have made some friends makes the stay a little easier for everyone.

    Many prayers for no more little blips and for some peaceful days waiting for Olivia's surgery.

  2. Nana is sending good wishes along with that cookie bouquet basket that everyone got to enjoy. Hope it cheered everyone up. Nana misses everyone and she really misses not being there to share in seeing and holding Olivia before her surgery. I know you alll are in good hands. There are a lot of prayers going out for Olivia and all of you. Love you all very much.


  3. If someone could tell me how to post with my name showing instead of anonymous I would really appreciate it.

    Sheila Allred Nana

  4. We are missing the Williams family already! We are praying for Olivia every night and can't wait to meet her. We will be thinking about you tomorrow and know that everything will go well. Many hugs,
    Michelle, Randy, Harry, Jacob, and Witt


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