Sunday, November 13, 2011

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

So during this journey, I have learned many things. The first and foremeost is that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. When you find out your pregnant the first thing everyone wonders is... "what will the baby look like?" That has never really been an issue for Brett and I. One look at the ultrasounds and we knew all three of our angels would look exactly alike. We were spot on too. It is easy to look at a baby and say, "aww she has my nose or his eyes", yet it takes a while to figure out their personalities. For Olivia, this weekend, we have seen her personality loud and clear. She does NOT like to be fooled with. She enjoys her mellow times with very few interruptions. Although, when you do get her angry she has quite a temper. I wonder who she got that from????

The next thing I learned is that without my loving husband who knows me way too well, I would be a complete mess. Like I had mentioned in an earlier post, I thought I was mentally and emotionally prepared for all of this. I am in the medical field for god's sake and I see babies way worse than she is. Yet, when it is your flesh laying their being tortured for an iv stick or aggravated by being suctioned, you can't help but feel helpless. That feeling is something I would never wish even on my worse enemy.

Another lesson I have learned is that in the grand scheme of things it is what you do everyday to make a difference and the memories you from them. Today, while at Walmart grocery shopping, I was returning to the car when a couple was screaming and cursing at a man crossing the street. Apparently, he was in their way and was not moving fast enough. Mind you, he was also about 80 and had a walker. It made me realize that life is too short to worry about the small things. Eventually, you will get where you are going. Life may not always go exactly how you planned it, yet the laughs and great times you encounter along the way are what matters. This weekend Nathan and Delilah both danced at the fair. This is something I have always cherished  watching. No rhythm and all of the kids running into each other is priceless. This year we missed it. We were very lucky that many of our family members were able to go to film though. So sitting in the waiting room, Brett and I watched them sing and dance and lose a hat and were able to applaud their great efforts. While I may have not been there in person, I was still able to experience a great moment for each of them and that is what it is all about.

Lastly, I have learned that when things do get really tough I really am a lot stronger than I ever really give myself credit for. No one asks for their child to be sick. No one asks to be in a strange city dependent on the kindness of others. But for some reason, I have been given these challenges. I must embrace them and with the help of prayer, a great family and a fabulous set of friends... I must move on. We have made the best decisions for Olivia and she is in the best, most capable hands possible. It is all up to her now.

For all of those who would like to know how her weekend went.... it was relatively uneventful. YEA!!!! She looks much better today. She is less swollen, yellow and spent even a couple of hours with her eyes open. She wore her Saints hat today and brought the team some much needed luck. They were able to wean her off of the ventilator some and were able to take some of the nitric oxide off too. Her chest x-ray looks so much better and her gases are holding steady. They will discuss with the surgeon tomorrow if he still wants to bring her to the cath lab early, but we will see. They may even try to remove the breathing tube again on Tuesday depending on how well she does tomorrow. Onward, we march.


  1. Oh my goodness I had to laugh at your comment about her not wanting to be fooled with! THAT, I'm afraid, is standard cardiac kid personality. Bodie was so bad after his Norwood that the nurses used to joke that he had a "sensitive soul" because he would flip out if they changed his diaper or, God forbid, changed the tape on an iv line. And by the time he was discharged, the nurses on the step-down floor knew that he was not to be bothered for vitals until he was awake - and when they came, they had to bring a bottle as well. Otherwise, it just wasn't worth it. So be happy for her don't mess with me attitude. It will serve her well in her recovery. :-)

    Hang in there with the recovery - I know it's hard and you just want to be past this and to KNOW 100% that she'll be ok and it's frustrating that no one can guarantee it. But just know a LOT of heart warriors have walked this rough path before her and are thriving now. You have every reason to hope Olivia will follow in their footsteps. Heart hugs!

  2. Yay, so glad to see an update - and a great one at that. Amy is right, that fiesty/leave-me-be attitude will serve her well! Like many of us, Olivia will teach you so, so many things about life, about yourself, about relationships - she will enlighten you far beyond you ever thought possible. Allow her to teach you. Just today, I was dancing in the store with Zoe. It didn't dawn on me until I noticed people looking at us - I didn't care one single bit, I kept on dancing and smiling with my miracle babe.

    “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
    Love like you'll never be hurt,
    Sing like there's nobody listening,
    And live like it's heaven on earth.”
    ― William W. Purkey

    Keep up the great work Williams Family!


  3. I'm so happy she is doing better. She is a beautiful baby girl. I have everyone I know praying for her.

  4. Melanie and Brett, I figured now is a better time as any to leave a lil comment instead of being a silent blog stalker! :)

    What a great post and so true - we will all get to where we are supposed to, in our very own time. Olivia is on her journey and sounds as if she is getting aggravated by anyone who tries to mess with HER plan and routine! haha. I love it!

    Lots of love and prayers for all of you...
    - laura

    PS: If it makes you feel any better, this is my second missed SCR fair! haha. Lately I have been ok with not being at SCR until I read about Olivia's tshirt day, not everyone is fortunate to have such strong school support - it makes me so happy for Nathan. God bless!

  5. many lessons I have learned as well. I am so much more patient, little things rarely bother me, and I spend so much more time playing with and just watching all my kids every single day.

    I don't think any of our little ones like to be messed with at all. Hope still cries (and now throws up) every time we go to the doctor...without fail.

    Still keeping up the prayers for sweet Olivia.


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