Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This morning hematology came by to see us and ask about clotting problems in our history. They think she developed a clot around where she had her ra, central, lines from surgery. They don't know why the clot is getting bigger and not shrinking. They are going to suggest to cardiology that she by started on lovenox while they do the blood work up on her. She will need lots of blood follow up to make sure all of her levels are perfect. She will be watched even closer now and if she has to have any kind of line in the future. We will see.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Their is a lot of blood work to be sure the Lovenox levels are therapeutic. We were given a business card for someone in hematology (a resident or RN) for any follow up questions post-discharge. I called them a few times with questions, so be sure you get a contact person in hematology before you leave. They'll also give you "lessons" on how to give the injections. Don't freak, the Lovenox needles you'll use at home are MUCH smaller than those in the hospital. Home injections are done with insulin needles. I'm so sorry Olivia will need Lovenox, but it is very effective and saved Zoe from clotting interstage. Continued thoughts and prayers for you all. (((Hugs)))

  2. Xavier's clot was at the base of his brain. Thank God we were part of the study or we would have never known. It was found during the post op MRI. I freaked over the injection but once I got the hang of it was fine. Once X put some meat on his bones he stopped crying and now I give them to him without having to hold his leg down. MRI pre glen showed clot was gone. Now he just gets it once a day for a few more months then it's onto aspirin. Please know it gets better. We pray for you every day!


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