Friday, November 11, 2011

Extubated and crossing fingers

Good morning everyone. I was up with Olivia from midnight until 5am calming her down, sitting back helpless, standing up helpless, pacing around helpless. The finally got all of her settings to a point where they could extubate. Finally around 1:30am the maverick attending (our nickname for her) whipped out the ng-tube and the vent and Olivia got to breathe on her own. She got a nasal cannula and was still on nitrous through that. She got pretty mad and had to get a little too much petibarb (pain med). This made for a long night of blood pressures being too low and her oxygenation saturations (o2 sats) dipping to the 67, 68, 69 range for several minutes. The normal range for these patients is above 75. Respiratory came over and did some CPAP treatment, which opens up the little oxygen receptor in the lungs, and put this huge breathing face mask on her. Her sats got better close to 74. They were going to do manual CPAP for a few minutes every hour as long as her sats stayed above 70. They were also going to do chest PT (they bang on her chest with a little pink circle to loosen up mucus) and suction her throat. She supposedly has fluid in her lungs which is why they are getting a lot when they suction.

I haven't gone to see her yet this morning so best case she is doing great from all the manual CPAP. probably she is on a continuous CPAP machine right now, worst case she is re-intubated.

The reason I did this post first was so I and all of you can see our sweet Olivia extubated and beautiful. I held on to that image for all 4 hours of sleep I had on this springy sleep room mattress

One last awesome thing, I heard her first raspy hoarse cry and it was so great to hear it. Plus crying acts like a CPAP. Everyone cross their fingers as I make that short trek to the CICU, Daddy needs a sweet little girl with no new machines!!!!

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