Friday, November 4, 2011

Another day towards getting better and the surgery

First things first, we finally know Olivia's measurements. She is 19 inches long. Our shortest and biggest baby so far. They scheduled her surgery as well, it will take place on Wednesday November 9th. Her surgeon, Dr. Spray, is a very busy guy and that was his first opening. Apparantly, he'll be coming back from a nice vacation so he should be relaxed and ready to go for Olivia's surgery.

I've been taking care of Melanie at the hospital and have only gotten a few moments to steal away and visit sweet Olivia. Today I got to hold her for an hour. I fed her and burped her and it was great having this time with her because I know after the surgery we won't hold her for weeks. Olivia also has big man burps too, it was pretty funny hearing that little baby burp so loud. She is eating like a horse, taking in over 1 - 1.5 oz of milk every 3-4 hours. Hopefully she can gain a lot of weight.

The nurses at CHOP in the CICU are amazing, and they all seem to love Olivia as much as we do. I have met 5 different nurses who have taken care of Olivia and they all were extremely friendly and took excellent care of Olivia. I know this is the easy, quiet before the storm, but I am impressed so far.

Melanie is improving, and her abdomen is feeling a lot better. It is just very sore from the 3 scope holes. She finally had enough energy to get out of HUP and visit CHOP to see Olivia. It had been 2 days since she last saw Olivia so it was a pretty happy moment. Melanie was in the dumps but after seeing Olivia she's going to fight even harder and hopefully get discharged today or tomorrow.
Olivia loves to get in this position and sprawl out in between her nazi nurses forcing her into different cocoon like positions.

In this picture: Melanie was tickling Olivia's chin and she got a few gas smile, I just missed the best one, oh well.

I am back in the Ronald McDonald house with my Dad who just flew in last night. He took the kids to the zoo today and kept the having fun. I have been a great male nurse for Melanie these past few days, and it will be nice to switch with her Mom tonight and enjoy these hard termpurpedic mattresses in the RonMcD household.

Tomorrow there are 3 things we will definitely do. Kids see Melanie, kids see Olivia, Dad and I watch the LSU game! #1 LSU vs #2 Bama should be a crazy awesome football game. It'd be a major plus if Mel was discharged tomorrow too.

Thank you all for the prayers, and comments we read every comment and everyone is just so amazing. Now I just need to go finish the laundry and get to bed.


  1. You and Mel (and Olivia, of course) have been in our thoughts and prayers these past several days. The shock of unexpected surgery must be completely overwhelming. I'm so glad to hear that Mel will be discharged soon and her pain is decreasing. It's probably a good thing Spray is off frolicking on vacation, you definitely wouldn't want both your girls in surgery at the same time. Continued thoughts and positive energy coming your way. We'll be in full Olivia mode on Weds - oh, and the good news is, Zoe belches like a champ too. Must be a sign of a fierce heart warrior!

  2. Hi, Brett--So glad to hear that all is proceeding better now. Kisses to Melanie, the kids and that sweet, BEAUTIFUL girl. Hope to see you all at Thanksgiving. I get there on the 18th & leave crack of dawn on the 25th. Lots of prayers going up from here for all of you. Phyllis

  3. I am so glad to hear that everything and everyone is doing better. Many prayers coming your way as Olivia gets ready for her surgery.

  4. Janie Kreisman SoslowNovember 6, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    Lots of special prayers and energy flowing through the universe for you both and your family. Olivia is one lucky little girl to have you all for family. The journey is one step at a time. It all begins and continues with one step. Life is good! Love ya! Janie Kreisman Soslow


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