Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All setup and the wait begins

Mel has been checked and stuck and questioned.  The labor and deliver nurse duo said this is going to be a long day, MEL and her mom.  Shes 3cm dilated and thick, thick means its going to be a long day.  They are going to start the pitosin soon and then the fun can begin.  Nate is busy on his nintendo ds and delilah is playing some ipod games where u dress up a princess. 
Heres a picture of mel in her makeup ready to go.  And the room


  1. Thanks for the updates, Brett. Looks like you're ready to meet your sweet babe. I'll be checking in to see how everything is progressing. Hoping the day isn't too long and Olivia arrives sooner than later. (((hugs)))

  2. Mel looks good. You guys seem really prepared. Hope everything goes as planned and I'll be following up closely. Prayers for everyone. -Shannon

  3. Mommy looks great and ready to get started. Hoping it won't be THAT long of a day (for mommy's sake).


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