Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Update 1

This morning they rolled her back exactly at 8am Et. I love when medical professionals are prompt, which all of my staff can attest to, but today, I sure could have used just a few extra minutes. We all got a little weepy because Olivia made sure to repeat just how scared she was this morning over and over again. It is really hard to stay stone cold when she looks at you with big tears in those baby blues. She was a trooper though and put on a brave face when they rolled her off after her pre-med. Our first update was at 9am.... She was under anesthesia and they were waiting on pulmonology to complete her bronch. We also spoke with Dr. Dori who reassured us and made sure we had no questions. The plan is for hourly updates as long as she is in the procedure which just for the lymph portion could take 6-8 hours. It is going to be a long day..... Now we wait

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