Wednesday, May 22, 2019

CHOP prom

Olivia was probably feeling pretty crappy but she sucked it up and said she would go to the prom event.  She couldn't put on the dress because she was hurting some.  We rolled down to the prom with a few other patients from our floor.  It was interesting because we had a wheel chair for Olivia, a IV pole and a rolling monitor.  It took the nurse, melanie and I to roll her in.

The prom was kind of tight quarters for all the wheelchairs that they had coming in.  However, they had all sorts of food (that Olivia couldn't eat), and a big ice cream sundae bar.  They had a nice cake, and decorations, event mylar baloon chandelier looking things.  The DJ was rocking, and they had people dancing.  It was very interesting.  I think we were a few days out from being able to really enjoy it.  Olivia was a trooper, she went and we got our 10 minute fill from the prom.  It was our nurse's first time at the prom, so at least we got our nurse to it.

There was a news station filming as the kids came down the red carpet.  Olivia probably did not make the news with her sad look, but it was great seeing all the volunteers for the event; including our stylist who did a great job with her hair.

The greatest thing about the prom was no matter how bad she was feeling that day, child life and the volunteers managed to bring the first real smile to her face on a tough day.  We can't thank the child life team and CHOP enough for having these opportunities.


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