Friday, May 17, 2019

Here safe and sound

     We left bright and early this morning for our new adventure. We arrived safe and sound and Olivia is loving the hotel room. She is enjoying it so much she just wants to  "hang out and chill". We did make it to our appt this afternoon where they did a preliminary evaluation and we signed paperwork. We then walked back to the hotel just in time for the rain to start. Lucky for us, there is a pizza place right across the street and that is what she wanted for dinner. It wasn't the best, but according to her.... it hit the spot. Now she is enjoying a bubble bath and looking forward to watching wonder park. We have to be at the hospital between 9-10am tomorrow to check in. I don't think she will be wanting to "hang out and chill" then, but we shall see. Overall, she has been taking all of this in stride.

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