Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Finally done

We were pulled back into the consult room and anxiously awaited for Dr. Dori to come and meet with us. When he came in, he was serious but you could tell there was a sigh of relief. So the breakdown of what they found.....

1. There is a narrow portion of her left pulmonary artery that in the future will need to be stented (opened) to reduce the pressure in the area and increase blood flow.
2. Her lymphatic system is special just like she is. When they were doing the imaging, they saw that Olivia's main lymphatic channel ended at her thoracic Duct in a stump instead of going up to her neck. It has always been this way and her body has made it work. It was when we went and closed the opening to her heart in 12/17 through her repair that it made the pressure worse and ended us up here.
3. Since the lymph system had nowhere to go, it went the easiest way possible - to her left lung - then across to her right one. They went in and glued the channel closed which made the numbers go from 60 to 35. Olivia has always been a loud breather with lots of coughs and croups. When they lite up the lymph fluid.... It surrounded her main breathing tube showing how much pressure there was before gluing it shut. We hope this will help her not breathe so loud.
4. There were no channels from her liver to her duodenum indicating ple (not good complication).

Heading to see her now

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  1. Yippee!! Glad everything went well and she is resting. Sweet dreams Princess Olivia ♥


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