Monday, May 20, 2019

Lounging and tPA

     Once we got into the routine of hospital life, it resulted in Olivia getting a bit lazy. All she has wanted to do was play on the iPad, watch cartoons or eat snacks. I could tell her stamina was quickly draining.... So yesterday we got up and got moving. We did 6 laps around the 6th floor before I would let her rest. Today, Olivia has been busy with pulmonary function tests and neuro developmental testing. She got a quick lunch break where all she did was bounce and chew and talk about all of the stuff she knew. We still have a cardiac echo in our future today and more tpa treatments until tomorrow. After each treatment she will cough and say.... Something is right there tickling my throat but has yet to cough out a good cast. We are hoping for an early procedure time tomorrow and for daddy to arrive safe and sound today.

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