Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Getting excited about tonight

Olivia is definitely not feeling the greatest.  Her belly feels like it has been beaten up and very sore from all the poking and prodding around it.  Since we have moved to the CCU we have accomplished a lot.  The biggest accomplishment is she has not thrown up yet today.  However, she is getting feisty she told Melanie "why did you bring me here they only made me worse, not better!"

She has drank about 12oz of Propel flavored water.  An hour ago she took 2 bites of cracker and has kept it all down! 

She likes that her mommy can braid her hair so she can have it all crimpy the next day:

Why is Olivia excited about tonight?  Well tonight is the annual CHOP Prom.  They bring in 10 or so hair stylists to do hair, makeup, and nails.  They go all over the hospital getting all of the little ladies and some of the moms ready for a night out.  Olivia's doctor has cleared her to go to the prom in a wheel chair, because she can't really stand that long.  We finally got a real true big smile out of her.  The child life department puts it on.  Olivia has 2 dresses to choose from that they gave us for tonight.  

The Occupational therapist then came and got her up to brush her teeth, practice stepping in and out of the bath tub, and made a 30 yard walk to the child life teen room.  In there was the stylist for the cardiac unit.  Olivia got her hair curled and a streak of blue.  


Melanie said she scoped out some more prom details, and supposedly they have  a red carpet for the girls to show up and walk down, and then a nice catered event with a dance floor and a DJ.  Since she is cleared to wheel down, hopefully we will have some pictures.  

On a crappy feeling day for Olivia this has really brightened it for her, and motivated her to get some more time on her feet.  The nurse says she hears good bowel sounds, and no throw-up all day might mean she might not have as long as a recovery road.  We shall see!  We heard in rounds that she can slowly begin a low-fat diet, I know our candy monster won't be happy with those limitations.  

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