Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Just the beginning on the belly recovery

I know I said a lot of jell-o tonight, but I was very wrong.  We were able to hold down 3 ice chips, and then we tried a teaspoon of propel.  Then 15 minutes later it all came up.  Then an hour later she was begging for something, so the nurse gave her a few pieces of popsicle.  She held that down for about an hour and a half.  She popped up out of a deep sleep and threw it up.  The nurse has been telling Melanie that it is going to be a rough day tomorrow as we get past these stomach issues.  Her bowels slowed down from all the anesthesia and the lymph fluid that might have gotten out into her body.  If this is all we have to deal with it should be a quicker recovery.  My goal is discharged Thursday afternoon, but a nurse or two has told Melanie through the weekend.  We shall see.

We got in to the Ronald McDonald house in Camden, NJ and Melanie has been getting a little bit of sleep there.  Tomorrow will be my turn, I had to sort of make-up for the 3 nights she was here without any help.  It is great to have a bonus nurse on your recovery team, Melanie the mama nurse that's a real nurse.

This is the first forced smile we got, and then she went back to sleep. 

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