Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Not bad night

She slept most of the night. She kept complaining of her foot hurting a few times and we finally figured out it was some allergy bracelets they had on her ankle.  

She woke up at 12:30am and she had to go to the bathroom.  She didn't want to be pan it.  The nurse orchestrated a monumental walk to the bathroom.  She ordered a commode but waiting for it wasn't an option.  We sat her up on side of bed and she spit up the last little bit of popsicle she had from earlier. Then after the initial dizziness past from her first time really sitting up we gathered everything and made the journey.  She walked good and we even got some good pee out.  We walked back and the nurse said she did great and that was all the walking she would do for tonight.  

 I listened to rounds and the nurse said there was a little blood in the throw up she just had. I reminded them that  it could have been the red popsicle. Which made me think that there aren't too many popsicle colors you'd want on a CICU unit.  You definitely wouldn't want blue and red is bad.  Orange could be blood looking.  A clear popsicle would make sense but would a kid eat a clear one?  The color gives it its flavor, am I right?

2:30am she woke up again and just needed to cough.  She drew the labs for the morning through her art line. 

5am she was complaining about her art line hurting.  Since they drew the labs already the doctor approved removing it.  There is a crazy amount of tape involved with an art line so it wasn't pleasant. It also looked like they stuck her 4 or 5 times to get it, poor lady.  She felt a lot better once it came off Now we just have an IV in each hand remaining.  I'm a little concerned with her cough or maybe it's dry heave here and there.  Either way it sounds like it is getting junkie.  Once nurse Melanie arrives for the morning shift maybe we could do some chest PT or whatever it is called.  Basically you beat on their back to help things break up and loosen to help the cough.  

Besides all the beeping we've been trying to sleep.  Back to bed for me.  I just worry about missing her calling out for me or something.  

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  1. Good morning Princess Olivia!! I just wanted to check on you before I head to work at the animal hospital, and get so busy I can't even find the time to eat, potty, or anything else!! (Lolol) I am soooo happy yoy are feeling better! Eat lots of popcicles today, and hopefully, no vomiting! Blessings to you sweet girl,I will be thinking about you, and get well soon♥


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