Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Recovery is going

We finally got into the cicu to see her and she was not intubated.  She needs to lay still for 4 hours which is about to end at 7pm.  She wakes up all teary but we get her back to sleep.  Her legs have to stay still as well. She is super hungry and thirsty but she is going to have a lot of belly issues as she recovers. If she does too much too fast she might be throwing up a good bit.  At 7 we will start some ice chips and build to clear fluids and so on and so forth.  Lots of Jell-O tonight possibly.  

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  1. Hang in there buddy - we are thinking about you and Melanie and keeping yall in our prayers. Tell Olivia she gets to go to the first Saints game - she can have one of my tickets.


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