Saturday, May 25, 2019

Freaking out over some fever with a pizza

Staying on a keto diet with all these stressors suck for maintaining a diet.  We've had a rough evening and in dealing with all that the cafeteria closed at 7:30.  At 8pm after the past hour or two of stress, I said pizza tonight!  We got pizza delivered to the hospital and it was good to sink our stress into some really good crust.

At about 7pm, after such an awesome day, out of nowhere Olivia felt hot to Melanie.  This led her to check her temp and she was running at 102.4 fever from out of nowhere.  She also was complaining of mid back pain on the right side and middle.  She's crying and is in more pain.  Our parent alarms are going off, we are freaking out in our heads.  We went from recovery thinking discharge to who knows what is going on pit of stomach burning stress and sadness.  Since she was doing so good they were hoping it was just from the long day.

Just in case, they ran labs,  blood cultures, x-ray, and belly ultrasound.  She switched from IV meds today to Oxy without tylenol in it.  This med is oral, so we also started some zantac.  I think the Oxy really helped to mask the pain she was feeling from the long day.  She was kind of funny on her Oxy high's.  She'd be chatty and happy and all that.  That's why we were feeling so optimistic about being discharged Saturday because of he well the pain was being managed and such.  It wasn't until her Oxy started wearing off that everything revealed itself. 

I waited until 11pm, but finally Melanie and I decided to go to sleep, since they didn't come and tell us any result.  At least we had some good pizza!  It's tough to go to sleep with these unknowns. 

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