Saturday, December 3, 2011

Will someone listen to me?

This morning I have run into some frustration with it seeming like no one will listen to me.  Last night it started with the night nurse who insisted she knew Olivia better than I did.  When it comes to eating, Olivia has been sucking down 90 ccs every 3 hours. This nurse just knew she wouldn't eat it all so she only gave her 60. That led to a very hungry and angry baby at the end of the bottle. Then since the cath I have been asking about the extra fluid she has on board.  She is very swollen and considering that they gave her fluids and blood... she needs a little help getting rid of it. No one listened to me so now she is breathing like 90 to 100 times a minute and her sats are dropping. The cath doctor just came to see her and NOW they will give her more lasix. So now I wait to see what else I will bring up for no one to pay attention to.

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  1. So sorry about the frustrations. Whenever we ran into a nurse who wouldn't listen, we asked them to page the fellow. I didn't tolerate nurses who refused to listen to me - they were few and far between, but still. At times, we had fellows that wouldn't listen and I asked them to page Dr. Szwast. I know it's hard to watch Olivia have to recover all over again. It's emotionally draining and exhausting. I'm not sure if the nurse explained it, but they try and limit intake post-cath because so many of them get sick throwing up from the anesthesia. It's a really fine line to try and balance because they are so hungry. Hang in there. Olivia will bounce back, it'll just take a few days. (((hugs)))

  2. Sorry to hear that. I make it a point to really stop and listen to family member, when they tell me somethings wrong, they are usually right. I have heard first hand other nurses say "the daughter is a nurse so she thinks she knows it all" my response to them is to listen, because they really do know their family member better than that nurse. I hope your nurse does not do that again.she should be grateful that you have the experience to know what your baby needs. I know I would! I hope she is doing well. Still praying for all of you.

  3. You are her best advocate! Keep pushing through your frustration and, as Stacey said, keep going up the line until you get someone to pay attention. You are a wonderful mother to ALL your kids, and whether they can verbalize it or not, they know they can depend on you to take care of them. We love you and pray for you and Olivia, and the rest of the family, every day, here in NC. Love from Judy, Aunt Ruth, Stephen and Sharon.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that your nurse didn't listen to you. It is so hard when you try to voice your concerns and get nowhere. You are the best advocate for your daughter and I know it is hard, but if it happens again, you can always request that she not be the nurse for Olivia again...we have done that and it was hard because I don't like hurting anyone's feelings.

    Many prayers for a relaxing day for you and Olivia and of course a few pee prayers always work for our little ones.


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